Exclusive piece made by wayuu women. Do you know the value of the women behind these Wayuu bags and backpacks? A perfect story for a different, original and special gift. Even if it's sold out, place your order and we'll recreate it for you ✨. Each piece takes ⏳ 25 days to create.

This piece is out of stock but do not worry make you order and ✨ WE WILL REMAKE IT FOR YOU✨ . Every piece takes ⏳ 25 days to be created. 

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Exclusive piece made by wayuu women. Did you know that they are in charge of the people and are the most important figure in society? Each of his creations represents:

  • The importance of women's independence and self-sufficiency.
  • The empowerment of being a woman and belonging to an ethnic group.
  • Being in harmony with its nature and its life cycles.

🌵 The wayuu fabric It is the greatest representation of our culture.

🧶 To weave one of our backpacks it takes 20 days, time in which the Wayuu woman creates a unique and unrepeatable piece, transmitting her thoughts and all her wisdom.

☝ For this reason, there is only one unity per creation.

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