In addition to wanting to tell you everything about our Wayuu culture and traditions, if you are passionate about fashion and want to know much more about what is behind handmade crafts, in this blog you will find all the information you need.

We hope you enjoy them!

hippie bags

Hippie trend: the perfect bags to complement your look The hippie style has always been present in fashion and popular culture, and

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Ethnic Bags

 What are ethical bags? An ethnic bag is an accessory that is characterized by its unique design and style, influenced by culture and

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Wayuu Gastronomy

What is typical wayuu food? Wayuu gastronomy is a symbol of union and link. The kitchen is always located in the central part of the ranchería and

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Wayuu religion

¨The Wayúu are where their ancestors are from and their ancestors are born from the northeast wind and the Goddess of the Rains» The magical organization

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Wayuu Traditions

Wayuu customs and traditions come from those enigmas about existence and everything that surrounds them. The Wayuu are great storytellers because they belong to

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